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Oct 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
nine days away. fine out what president obama and mitt romney are doing as they start their final push. also, the latest on the nanny accused of killing two children in new york. where she sought help right before the murder. >> strong winds, flooding rains and powerful storm surge. sandy is really starting >> more details this morning about that nanny accused of killing two children in new york city. she has no criminal history but did recently seek psychiatric help. the children's mother found the two children stabbed in the bathtub on thursday. they died on the way to the hospital. the nanny had also stabbed herself several times. she is still alive, but investigators can't question her yet because of wounds to her neck. >> a super storm is poised to strike the mid-atlantic with strong winds, pounding rain and even snow. right now sandy is a tropical storm, bearing down on the carolinas with predictions of gale force winds and massive flooding and power outages over the mid-atlantic coast starting later today. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in some areas as millions of peop
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
across the country back president obama, 48% mitt romney. the race is tied when you consider the margin is plus or minus three percentage point. stay with abc7 morning news. coming up katie marzullo will have more on what president obama and mitt romney have planned for today. plus how the new jobs report released this morning could impact the race. >>> the coffee executive who campaigned against partisan gridlock in washington is making an endorsement. the starbucks ceo announced he will vote for president obama this coming tuesday. last year the ceo urged his fellow business leaders to withhold campaign contributions to both parties until congress and the white house reach a deal to bring down the nation's deficit. he says the president deserves a second time. >>> affects of superstorm sandy continue. new video from new york city this morning, shows the continuing long line of cars waiting to fuel up. gas shortages continue to be found across the east coast, 60% of gas stations in new jersey are closed because they've run out of gas. 70% of stations are closed on long island. the shor
Oct 27, 2012 6:00am PDT
it tasteless and inappropriate. >>> republican nominee mitt romney is scheduled to campaign in florida today. last night he campaigned in ohio and he was talking about the economy. >> these have been tough times for the middle class in america. income is not going up and at the same time gasoline has gone up by $2,000 a family. health insurance premiums are up, as i said, by $2,500. food costs up. these are tough times for middle income americans. and his answer is forward. it feels more like backward to a lot of american families. i'll tell you that. >> earlier in iowa in what was billed as a major economic speech, romney said president obama has made things worse and his policies will turn things around. >> this morning the national weather service said sandy is a hurricane again, hours after being downgraded to a tropical storm. res kept are being told to stock up with about enough batteries, water and food for three days. that's how long you might be without power and water out there. the super storm is expected to make landfall monday night near the nation's capitals. airlines are warni
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am PDT
the nerve center and coordinate the government's response to the storm. meantime mitt romney is campaigning in the midwest out of the storm's path. romney campaigned in the crucial battle gun state of ohio yesterday instead of in -- battleground state of ohio yesterday instead of virginia. he did call off events in new hampshire for tomorrow >> stock market is closed, regulators decided to shutdown the new york stock exchange the dow jones or the new york stock exchange because of the threat posed to manhattan and the nasdaq. last time the stock exchange was closed was 9/11. most mass transit in new york city shutdown making it nearly impossible for traders to get to work. regulators considering another shutdown tomorrow that decision has not been made. stay with abc7 news we are continuing coverage of hurricane sandy. "good morning america" will have a special live west coast edition at 7:00, to cover hurricane sandy. >>> should we show 'em now? >> yeah. >> here are the headlines this morning: giants sweep in the chronicle on sporting green twice is nice. >> -- [ unintelligible ] >> there'
Nov 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
. three days left to the big election and president obama and mitt romney are trying to get every last vote in the battleground states. so who has the edge in these crucial final? >> and the puppy abandoned by his owners after hurricane sandy dropped on the side of the road. they tossed him out of the car. well, fortunately nice people took him in and now the search is on for a permanent home for this dog. by the way, named sandy. he is scampering around our set this morning. he is an adorable six-month-old puppy. i'm telling you, that dog is going to have a new home i'm sure in no time. >> i'm thinking one of the abc employees might be picking up sandy and bringing the dog home? >> yeah, i think dan wanted to put him in his pocket and take him home. >> thanks very much. look forward to your show. >> see ya later. >> in sports, 14th-ranked stanford plays the colorado buffalos in boulder 11:00 this morning. this afternoon san jose state at idaho. last night the warriors played their home opener against the memphis grizzlies. here's the highlights with this morning's sports and larry bei
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
and romney campaigns during sandy's fury. now back to the last run until tuesday's election. >> traffic and weather together, next. >>> you are looking at downtown san francisco where some of the buildings are still rimmed with orange from the giants. [ unintelligible ] we have rain out there tapering off. [ unintelligible ] >>> also the giants victory celebration that came to a halt kind of. manager bruce bochy's convertible. you see people helping. more on this coming up. >>> welcome back. low clouds over san francisco this morning. east bay valleys around crow canyon to the west of san ramon one of our better radar returns through the heart of danville to the eastern sections of alamo on top of mount diablo watching rain around boulder creek and ben lomond this is going to continue to push into the santa clara valley or south bay and weaken as it descends into the valleys. sprinkles there. sprinkles through 9:00, partly sunny this afternoon, 70 coast, 70 around the bay and inland, 60 coast, much warmer, much brighter tomorrow through the weekend. >>> back to the bay bridge. had a sta
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6